Friday, May 21, 2021

Proof That Abortion Is Linked To Satanism

Many of us have been discussing the links between satanism and abortion.  Quite often we have been mocked by pro-abortion activists as conspiracy nuts for so doing.  Well, here is irrefutable proof, from the horse's own mouth, so to speak. 

Governor Abbott of Texas recently signed a bill requiring a sonogram before an abortion.  A satanic temple has filed suit against Texas, claiming that this bill impedes a "religious abortion ritual".  It is not every day that I link to a satanic site, but they are quite up front about this lawsuit, and more importantly, the role that abortion plays in their worship of the devil.  All this serves to underscore why baby-slaughter must be eradicated and pro-abortionists - including those in Catholic church hierarchy - must be defeated.

I learned of this suit from this week's episode of the Inner Circle from Lepanto Institute - lots of good information therein.

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