Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Archbishop Vigano: "We Have A Non-Catholic Pope" And "Conciliar Revolution Forerunner Of Cancel Culture And Pandemic Farce"

Archbishop Vigano recently released a full, well-based treatment of Traditionis Custodes.  Courtesy of Catholic Family News, we have both the printed version and a video presentation given by the Archbishop.  His Excellency lays the full, unvarnished truth out there for all to read.  Please note the parallels that he draws between the Vatican progressives who seek to deny us the Mass of the Ages and the Covid-scandemic tyrants seeking to deprive us of our human rights.  I agree with him that these parallels are NOT mere coincidence; both have masonic influences.  It is a long read, but well worth your time to do so.  Both the ecclesial and the civil tyrants must be resisted to their faces.

I would also suggest that you watch this.  Michael Matt illustrates the connections and underlying themes between many of the ominous things that have been occurring: the attempted destruction of the Tridentine Mass, illegals streaming across the border, the threat of vaccine-passports, etc.  They have underlying themes because they have the same origins, many of them masonic.

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  1. Catholic Mission, if you have a lengthy treatise to write, I suggest you post it on your own blog, not in my com-box. You would be free to post the link to it.


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