Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Some Resignations - Signs Of Hope

News came today of Andrew Cuomo's resignation from his office of Governor of New York.  Apparently there are credible allegations of sexual abuse - eleven women.  It seems that the Dems now consider him to be a liability so they are kicking him to the curb.  In two weeks he and the First Concubine will enter private life.  We pray that they will wreak no more mischief and will be given the grace of conversion to the One True Faith, with all due repentance.

Meanwhile in Rome, Father Adam Park, Vice Rector of the North American College is stepping down after allegations of homosexual harassment of seminarians arose against him. So he's leaving Rome and going home.  Regrettably for us, "home" is the Archdiocese of Washington.  He was a former secretary to Cardinal Wuerl.  

As I think of Cuomo's resignation, hope arises for the success of the eviction efforts against Gavin Newsom in California.  Let us pray!

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  1. Just what the ADW does not need: another homopriest!


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