Monday, August 9, 2021

What's So Great About Vatican II?

 Last Friday evening Michael Hichborn and Jim Maughan produced a video that documented why Vatican II, at best, produced no new pronouncements that are binding on the faithful.  Those who argue for adherence to the "spirit of Vatican II" (whatever that is) can point to no specific item that requires our assent.  

They delved into the background of Vatican II.  Apparently Pope John XXIII entrusted Cardinal Ottaviani to produce some schemas to set the tone for the upcoming conference.  Please understand that Cardinal Ottaviani was most definitely a voice for Tradition and the Deposit of Faith against Bugnini and others who were working to sabotage it.  I believe he is the reason why Canon 1 of the Mass, that is, the original canon, remains at least as an option eligible for  use.  Most of the traditional-friendly priests who celebrate the Novus Ordo Mass will use that Canon on Solemnities and Feast days.

The progressives in the Vatican at the time (probably masons and/or agents planted by Bella Dodd and her colleagues) managed to have Ottaviani's schemas sidelined.  It was thought that they were lost forever; fortunately that is not the case.  Here they are.  What happened to them should be none too surprising, given how Pope Francis disregarded input from the synods on the family and published his own prepared exhortations.  In fact, someone pointed out how quickly after his hospitalization the pope was able to ram through Traditionis Custodes.  Could that have been prepared before the pope's hospitalization and published for certain reasons?  Vox Cantoris has a hypothesis on that matter.

Given that theory about the pope's precarious health situation, it does seem reasonable to believe that he is fast-tracking the destruction of the Mass to turn it into a vehicle for this one-world-order dictatorship.  We know from Our Lord and Our Lady that the ultimate triumph will be theirs, but in the meantime, many souls will be put in danger of damnation.  We must be prayerful and ever ready to act and speak out.


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