Sunday, August 29, 2021

When Catholic Officials Order Vaccines, They Command That Sin Be Committed

First, let's look at whether or not Catholic officials are canonically able to order that those under their authority take the Covid vaccines.  Rather than re-invent the wheel, I will link now to an excellent treatment on the subject by Edward Peters on his blog (update - see correction in the comments below).  It's clear from this that when these officials, from bishops down to school principals, try to order those under their authority to take the vaccine, that they overstep the legitimate bounds of their authority.  Church teaching over the years holds that the taking of vaccines must be voluntary.

But is that overstepping the only harm that they commit?  I think not.

The vaccines themselves are causing injury.  See here, here, here,  Most of us know that hospital and other medical workers are being ordered by their various employers to "take the jab".  Consider: if the vaccines were these miraculous substances that Fauci et al are claiming them to be, why are those mandates necessary?  Wouldn't those health-care workers be flocking to the vaccine centers by the droves?  They aren't - quite to the contrary.  See here, here,   The pfizer vaccine is not yet FDA-approved, but only authorized for "emergency use", whatever the hell that means.

The paragraph above illustrates why one would be committing sins of imprudence and against the 5th Commandment by taking the vaccines.  Superseding the gravity of those sins are those sins involving the cooperation with baby-murder.  Here is an anthology of posts dealing with the Church hierarchy's complicity with the vaccine moguls, some of them dealing with the nine ways in which a Catholic can cooperate with the mortal sin of another, thus also incurring the guilt of that mortal sin.  When I wrote this one, the hierarchy had not yet begun to order its employees, students, seminarians, religious, etc to take this vaccine into their bodies.  One can now add "by command" to the list of ways by which bishops et al incur the guilt of cooperating with the mortal sin of baby-murder.

Obviously we must not only resist their urgings to take the vaccine ourselves, but to call out their evil.

Meanwhile, a little story to warm your heart.  Pro-baby-murder, pro-vaccine-mandate, anti-God Justin Trudeau was chased out of a British Columbia town by citizens who have had enough of his draconian policies.  Good for them!  

(HT - Canon 212)


  1. Thank you for your wonderful article.
    Here is a very informative video, which should absolutely cause people to stop pushing the Covid-19 shot and make them want to warn everyone against the deadly Covid-19 shot. This is not propaganda. They are actual blood samples from persons who received the Covid-19 shot. The seasoned doctors on the video are scared for their patients who had, unfortunately, gone out and received the shot, despite their warnings.

    Just take a look at the images of their blood samples! Scary stuff! The doctors suggest that other doctors do their own due diligence and examine blood samples of those who received the Covid-19 shot for themselves. Every single company’s shot is deadly.

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  3. Pssst: That's not Ed Peters' blog. Look at the name of the author....

    1. Yes, you are correct. Thanks for having sharper eyes than I. The blogger is Cathy Caridi.


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