Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The Decades-Old Masonic Infiltration Of Church Hierarchy

We are experiencing a myriad of attacks on our Faith and western civilization.  The crisis at the southern border, the attacks on Traditional Latin Mass, the talk of "vaccine passports" and forced masking - these occurrences are not disjointed from one another.  All of them have undercurrents of Freemasonry to them.  It is quite easy to see how some of this relates to Vatican II, particularly the animosity against the Mass of the Ages, but it goes back further than that.  The masons had to do considerable ground work to get the results they wanted from that council.

Below the jump break I will post three videos that will touch upon the historical background that has led to the mess we see today.  Some cynics might scoff at these as "proponents of conspiracy theories", but truth be told, these days "conspiracy theories" might more accurately be called "spoiler alerts".

Archbishop Annibale Bugnini was largely responsible for the bastardization of the Mass during Vatican II.  There are unproven allegations that he was at least affiliated with Freemasonry, if not a mason himself.  I myself am not familiar enough with freemasonry to comment on whether or not the Novus Ordo Mass, particularly the offering, has masonic overtones.

We see moves afoot to bring about the Great Reset to a New World Order: 

  • The various mask and/or vaccine mandates designed to acclimate us to tyrannical governmental intrusion into our lives
  • The dissolving of national borders (such as the US/Mexican border)
  • Destruction of small private enterprises
  • The destruction of traditional marriage and family, enabling government to take its pivotal place in people's lives
Obviously for that, the Catholic Mass must be obliterated.  However, the Traditional Latin Mass has been growing by leaps and bounds, particularly amongst younger people.  In that respect, the covid shutdowns backfired on the progressives, since the TLM was often the only Mass being offered in many locales.  Thus, Traditionis Custodes was trotted out in a hurry.

Even those Catholics not inclined to attend the Traditional Latin Mass should be alarmed at the hatred for that Mass that this pope evinces.  It would behoove every Catholic to attend just one of those Masses, if only to understand just what is at stake.

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