Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Priorities Of Some Bishops

There's no gainsaying that much in the world is crumbling before our very eyes, most of it due to the sinister intents of very powerful - and evil - progressives. 
  • The throwing of Afghanistan under the bus.  Thousands of US citizens are still in danger, the Christians there are starting to be butchered by the now-dominant Taliban, and much US military hardware, weaponry and software is in Taliban hands.  A plausible theory is that this hand-over was not a colossal blunder but a very deliberated betrayal.
  • The ever-growing calls for mandated vaccinations with compounds made with the bodies of aborted babies, causing harm and death to recipients.  Democrat strongholds are rattling the sabers of martial law to force submission, setting the stage for the great reset.
One might think the Catholic bishops would be voicing great concern about these matters - if one didn't realize that most of the progressive cabal are actually tightening the nooses around our necks.  As long as cash flows into their coffers, they are happy as clams and free to pursue their other pet projects - with these projects actually being the furtherance of other aspects of the great reset. 

For instance, there is my own bishop, Cardinal Gregory of the Archdiocese of Washington.  With the deconstruction of western civilization well under way, his thoughts can now lightly turn to (drum roll, please) caring for creation!  Yep!  He's trying to promote an "integral ecology" for parishes, schools, etc. 
They will be engaged in crucial efforts such as:
  • caulking doors and windows
  • controlling thermostats
  • using LED bulbs
  • ad infinitem, ad nauseum
They want to respond to the "cry of the earth", you see?  Well, what about the cry of souls who need the Faith and Sacraments for the salvation of their souls?  Is that a tad too "rigid" for the DC chancery?

Speaking of "rigid", let's move on to the Bishop of Pittsburgh, Bishop Zubik.  He is all gung-ho about implementing Traditionis Custodes, more accurately rendered Traitorous Custodes.  He has gone so far as to forbid his priests from praying the Traditional Latin Mass privately.  This is nothing short of sheer hatred for the Church and her sacred Traditions.  The sheer vindictiveness and pettiness is astounding.  If this is one diocese that needs to see a huge curtailment of donations, this would be a solid candidate for such treatment.

In fact, both of them are.

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  1. If the persecution of the 'unvaxxed' continues of which of course it will and will intensify, the unvaxxed will not be able to attend Mass without 'credentials'. It's coming, just a matter of time. I just read a post by a Catholic lady who works in a Parish Office (not vaccinated) and has been asked not to use the bathroom that another staff member uses. It's really strange that the vaccinated are still so terrified of the unvaccinated. Why did they get the vaccine if the virus is still so transmittable to them? There is really no logical thinking going on here. (unless they realize that the 'vaccine' is now discovered to be only 34% effective) Again we have diabolical insanity going on.


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