Friday, October 8, 2021

Communism And Freemasonry Controlling The Vatican

Tonight's Anchor Team focused on Lepanto Institute's expose of some Vatican organizations that are directly and unabashedly promoting communism, witchcraft and baby-slaughter.  That expose was published two days ago and is linked here.  Please note that there is more commentary beneath the video.

Please watch the whole thing for there are mentioned websites with additional information.  In their discussion of communism and freemasonry, Hichborn and Maughan mentioned that Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels were greatly assisted by a British masonic lodge that took them under their wings, so to speak.

Also, please pay special attention to Hichborn's observations regarding so many of the "Catholic social justice" groups.  Many if not most of them are focused solely on temporal concerns without nary a thought towards eternal salvation.  It is the latter that is the Church's primary mission, for one day this earth will fade and their will only be heaven and hell.  A sole focus only on earthly concerns is a surefire way of careening straight towards hell.  That is one key reason why the Vatican's push for the covid cootie-jab is so nefarious, in addition to the fact that usage of these concoctions constitutes cooperation with the sin of baby-murder.

They have much to say about the socialistic bent of the United Nations, certainly as manifested through its presidents throughout the decades.  Recall that two years ago Pope Francis erroneously said that we have a duty to obey the United Nations.  I won't say that the pope has been duped by the communists in the UN.  No, he is in fact a fully-knowledgeable collaborator with them.  His shilling for the Sustainable Development goals and his constant hosting of Jeffrey Sachs and Ban-Ki Moon in preparation for Laudato Si certainly is proof of that.

Yesterday was the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  This is a good time to commit - or recommit - to praying it daily, as she requested at Fatima.  While prayer is essential, it is not sufficient.  Please take the time to inform yourselves of the ills of our Church and world.  Plan to speak against the evils that you see, even if the sources of those evils wear miters.  Use your rights as US citizens to take a stand for decency; we've seen plenty of parents do precisely that at various school board meetings lately.  Emulate their examples.  The time is short.

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