Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Best (Or Worst) Of The Spirit Of Vatican II

I suspect that if one watches this at least a few times during Lent, this will suffice as a form of mortification.  I saw a good bit of this as my middle and late childhood was boondoggled by this mess.  Being 12 years old, I didn't grasp the ramifications of it all, but when one spends a "religion" class listening to Andy Williams sing "Born Free" and learn what a saint Martin Luther King was (mind you, at that time he was still alive), the quantum change was hard to miss.

This video was made in 1968, in what can be called the halcyon days of the "revolution" (yes, that word is used in the video) of the "spirit of V-2".  You can see the headiness of the proponents of this schlock.  I don't recognize any of the clergy from so long ago, but wonder how many of them were put into the seminary by Bella Dodd et al.

At the 1:29:26 mark, you see the Archdiocese of Chicago prepare to abolish the key purpose of the existence of their parish schools: to form Catholics.  It's true that many non-Catholics were clamoring to get their children in Catholic schools, for it was no secret that the Catholic schools were outshining the public schools in all respects.  What these liberal priests refused to acknowledge that the schools' Catholic faith and mission regarding the salvation of the students that had as a beneficial side effect their academic excellence.  Sadly, many schools adopted this priest's foolish suggestion and thus undermined their own identity and excellence.

By the by, I understand that several airlines are dropping their vaccine mandates against their employees in the face of walk-outs by their would-be targets.  Doesn't that give us hope that if we stand firm, the attacks against the Traditional Latin Mass will likewise fail if we stand firm for the Mass of the Ages?  With that, I'm off to the Traditional Latin Mass.

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  1. IIRC, at least one famous Catholic school in Chicago required non-Catholic parents and children to attend Sunday Mass, and the parents to learn the catechism. The conversion rate was astronomical.

    Has Wilton abolished the TLM at Old St. Mary's? Any others?


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