Thursday, October 21, 2021

Dominican Republic Forces All Its Citizens To Take The Cootie-Jab Poison

A few days ago, Lifesitenews engaged in some conversations with people in the Dominican Republic - a priest and a doctor.  Here is an article on the proceedings from the conversations.  This past Monday, Oct 18, the country instituted an all-encompassing vaccine mandate, forcing everyone over the age of 12 to receive two doses of the covid cootie-jab.  Without proof of these vaccines, people aren't able to use public transportation, go to school or work, or buy food and other necessities.  This even applies to pregnant women.  

On this last point, the doctor expressed particular concern as he is aware of many women suffering miscarriages after receiving the vaccines; some he treated himself.  Some hold that the proponents of the jab are merely being callous towards the deaths of the unborn children, but there are those (including Yours Truly) who believe that the deaths of the children are actually desired and possibly planned, thus rendering the mandates on pregnant women murderous in and of themselves.  Consider that the usual gang of abortion proponents are all gung-ho for these poisonous vials, such as Bill Gates and all the Democrat pro-aborts who slither about Washington DC. 

It's just another facet of the Great Reset, or in other words, Build Back Better.  Those phrases sound rather synonymous.

In some good news, employees of General Electric in South Carolina, protesting the mandate at their factory, staged a walk-out.  They join several airlines and others in the resistance.  We need more of this, in addition to the daily Rosary and prayers for our civilization.

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