Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Pope Francis Appoints Jeffrey Sachs To Pontifical Academy Of Social Sciences

Readers of this blog will recall that I've written much about Jeffrey Sachs.  He is a population control proponent who has openly advocated for contraception and abortion as means of "reaching a level and sustainable population".   Because (not "despite" but "because") of that, he has been quite a fixture about the Vatican these past several years, having weighed in on Laudato Si, possibly Amoris Laetitia and various synod reports.  In short, his pernicious and spiritually deadly musings have been promulgated by the Vatican.

Sachs, with Jewish roots, has never announced any conversion to Catholicism although he claims Catholic social teaching has influenced him.  Of course that influence is of the progressive "social justice warrior" variety that is merely a facade for all things atheist and socialist, as evinced by his advocacy of baby-slaughter and his silence regarding human rights abuses in Red China.

I suppose all this, in the eyes of this current pope, makes Sachs a prime candidate for a position in the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.  That's right!  A non-Christian pro-abort is now occupying an official position within a Vatican organization. 

Please pray your Rosaries and please prepare to resist this pope when what he says or does runs counter to the Faith and Christian morality.


  1. Pope Pius IX:

    "If a future Pope teaches anything that is not Catholic, do not follow him"

  2. Francis does not hold the keys. He does not teach, preach, nor pass along Catholic truths but rather is in line with communism, transhumanism and other wicked things.


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