Tuesday, October 12, 2021

We Resist The Pope And Corrupt Prelates To Their Faces

Michael Matt nails it.  As long as the Pope and bishops fly in the face of Sacred Tradition, we have to resist them.  Listen to his open letter to Pope Francis, written two years ago, but now more relevant than ever.


  1. Powerful and true. We have to pray for him-Lord hear our prayers.

  2. "We Resist You to the Face" was the name of a joint statement / small book put out in 2000 (i believe) where Michael Matt was one of four authors (MM was given 4th billing, behind Atila Guimaraes, (the late, great) John Vennari & Marian Therese Horvat. It's an excellent little book.

    So, this has been a theme for MM for some two decades now.

  3. Michael Matt is a hero, a strong defender of the faith. May God increase his tribe! I loved the Catholic Identity Conference. What a meeting of Catholic warriors wielding their weapon, the most holy rosary.


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