Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Of Puppies And Covid-Cootie-Jabs

News came out two days ago about the NIH, under direction of Dr. Fauci, conducting barbaric experiments using puppies as victims.  The puppies' vocal cords were cut so that the federally-funded ghouls would not have to listen to the puppies' pained yelps.  Their heads were locked inside cages and sand flies were set loose so that they could eat the puppies' heads, killing the pups in a most gruesome way.   From the House a bipartisan letter was issued demanding answers.

People of all stripes are waxing horrified and indignant over this discovery, as well they should.  HOWEVER, Fauci has been doing the exact same thing to a large part of the American populace - that is, to those who slavishly went along with the mask mandates and clarion calls to accept injections of all sorts of vile goop into our bodies on the pretext of saving us from the Wuhan virus.  Many of us will not be his submissive little dupes.

I'll be blunt.  Fauci and his sycophants are playing the sadistic tyrants to the hilt.  Too many, because they are naive, brainwashed by liberal ideologies, or cowards, are playing the submissive little lab mice and just going along with him.  At least the puppies had to have their vocal cords removed lest they protest.  But the sheeple voluntarily muzzle themselves out of servile fear.  Heck they even try to muzzle those of us who won't surrender our bodily autonomy and moral convictions to cootie-jab tyrants.

Perhaps the news about the puppies will wake some folks up as to how too many people are blithely allowing themselves to be exploited by Fauci et al.


  1. Most of America is hoodwinked. Some are between a rock and a hard place with having to choose between a dangerous and immoral shot or their job and livelihood. That is not freedom. That is socialism as we head to the agenda 2-0-3-0 depopulation goal.

  2. Your job or your bodily health. Hey, I need money, we all need money, but I can't comprehend how that is a hard choice. Yes, I have to face it myself, right now, and the answer is, hell no. As in, hell to the no. You can get another job, God gives us one body.
    For what it's worth, I saw my physician just today. Now and then I ask him, as he is in a busy practice, "do you see patients getting Covid twice?". Bear in mind, he was pro-jab 8 months ago. He told me that no, he does not see that, he sees many people getting "breakthrough infections", as soon as they get the "Covid vaccine".
    What it will take, for people to comprehend we have been lied to and had, is hard to know. Fauci, is a man who reportedly did not want AIDS patients to use or get inexpensive drugs for treatment, and he suppressed those. He has lied to and fooled the world with this diabolical deception, and now we find out he tortures puppies. He will no doubt deflect and say he didn't know, and Americans and other people are just stupid enough to believe that, or clearly any other BS he wants to spew.


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