Monday, October 11, 2021

Do You Need Another Reason To Boycott The Diocesan And Peters Pence Collections?

If so, and even if you don't (like me), behold!  And yes, your eyes are NOT deceiving you!

The keynote speakers' credentials are less than spectacular, from a vantage point of fidelity to Christian teaching.  Here's more on this lovely mess.

So that's a few weeks from now.  What is currently (at the time of this writing) happening is the "synod on synodality".  The heretical America magazine has a piece on it, and I don't, in this case, doubt the factual accuracy of it.  The pope kicked off the gabfest by claiming "there is no need to create a new church, but a different church".  Doesn't that sound like a bunch of talking out of both sides of the mouth!  In any event, he's stating quite plainly his desire to completely twist and distort the church into some kind of hideous caricature of itself.  Now, in light of these transhuman enthusiasts coming to the Vatican in two weeks. does he envision a bunch of grotesque transhuman chimeras overrunning the church?

Remember this Call to Action monstrosity from years back?  Maybe these clowns were onto something when they trotted out those puppets!  I suspect this is what they have in mind for this new and/or different church.  Notice that there are no young people here.  Quite telling.


  1. I'm embarrassed. I had nothing to do with this, but I'm embarrassed just the same. I thought people were supposed to grow in wisdom as they got older, not fall for any stupid thing that came along under a sheep's wrap.

    1. I'm not sure that I understand. Why are you embarrassed?


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