Monday, June 4, 2012

Contraception = The Spirit Of Abortion

Lifesite News pubished an article written about the realization of Sarah Nelson that she was partaking in a "spirit of abortion" through her embrace of contraceptives.  I encourage all to read it, for Ms Nelson addresses this issue not only with honesty, but equally commendable clarity.

A few days ago, I was on Jill Stanek's blog and posted that the acceptance of contraception opened the doors to abortion, as they both stem from the hellish anti-life mentality.  It was quite disheartening to read the admission of some that they use contraception - and these are "pro-life" folks.  I think I'll recommend to them Ms. Nelson's article.

Three years ago, some Christian professors (at least one of them Catholic) drew up a document called the Manhattan Declaration.  On the surface, it appears to be a fairly exhaustive treatment of the various social, moral and spiritual ills that threaten to bring about the collapse of western civilization.  I say "fairly" and not "complete" for there is one glaring omission.  In that entire document, the word "contraception" is not to be found.  For that reason, I and several others did not sign it.  To this day, the authors of the Manhattan Declaration have not seen fit to correct that most gross of moral errors.  I understand that these authors are speaking out on the HHS mandates - mandates that focus on contraception.  Is that irony entirely lost on them??

Ladies and gentlemen, let's be clear.  Unless we (and by that I mean pro-life Christians) finally acknowledge that hulking "elephant in the living room" known as contraception, any gain we make in the pro-life area will be, at best, minuscule.  How can God hear our prayers and bless our efforts to end abortion if we ourselves harbor the "spirit of abortion" in our own hearts?  (Hint: read Psalm 66:18).

By the way - Real Catholic TV compiled a page of their resources on the evils of contraception.  Take a look.  There is also, of course, Humanae Vitae and Evangelium Vitae.

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