Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Picket! Mark Shriver To Be Honored At Blessed Sacrament!

Several months ago we picketed Blessed Sacrament Church in Washington DC (just east of Chevy Chase Circle) when they allowed raving pro-abortion Chris Matthews to peddle his book on church grounds.  I thank the person who commented on my report to alert us that apparently Blessed Sacrament has not yet seen the errors behind letting pro-abortion celebrities use Catholic grounds to promote themselves.

This Sunday, June 10th, again at 11:30am in the parish library, they're letting Mark Shriver peddle his wares on Catholic property.  You can see the mess announced on the church web site.  A sad ironic twist to this is that he wrote the book to honor his parents.  Most people will recall that Eunice Kennedy Shriver was most likely the only Kennedy who did not sell out her faith to promote the baby-murder known as abortion.  Most of her family - including Mark - promote baby-murder.  Thus it can be opined that Mark Shriver, in his embrace of abortion, dishonors his parents.

We will be there, as we were several months ago, to speak truth to the lie that "one can be pro-abortion and Catholic".   Please join us!

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