Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Walker's Victory (And Ours)

With gratitude to God I greeted the news that Wisconsin's pro-life governor Scott Walker won yesterday's recall election.  He garnered 53% of the vote to Barrett's 46%.  The pro-union and community-organizing types took well-deserved black eyes in this election.

I notice, though, that some of my fellow Catholics were less than pleased by Walker's victory.  For example, there were the 25 Jesuits from Wisconsin that signed the recall petition.  Jesuits?  Well, that explains a lot.  Then there were the four Catholic sisters who must have been twice as convinced as the other petition signers that Walker should go.  I say "twice" because that's how many times each of these "good Sisters" signed the petition.  Naughty-naughty, Sisters!  And shame on all of you for preferring the pro-abortion Barrett over a pro-life governor!


  1. Yes. We are so grateful here in WI. It was a victory for us taxpayers as well as for the Pro Life movement. We think Walker would make a great president some day, but at this time, we still need him.
    I read, "A Letter of Thanks to the Left" that gives some idea of what we have endured here in WI the last 16 months. Here is a link:
    After the election I heard some crying about Walker now ruining our country and ending democracy. Saw Twitter comments with vulgarity and Walker death threats. What else would we expect from the left???

  2. Forgot to mention. Of the people I knew in an area near here, it was 2 only sisters and people associated with them, that signed the Recall. These sisters are involved in New Age and promotion of heretical authors.


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