Friday, June 22, 2012

LCWR To Be De-Recognized??

Lifesite News reports that Cardinal Levada is proposing this as a viable option should LCWR continue barreling down their rebellious path with the same velocity as their vaunted bus.  Please read for yourselves.

To this I can only add a few things:
  • It's high time this happens.
  • While I hold to the above bullet, it's no secret that the orders that comprise the LCWR are dying.  Their average age is 74, and they have next to no new vocations.  The orders will die off anyway.
  • Replace this bunch with a conference of traditional sisters and nuns, faithful to the Magisterium and their vows and habits.  These orders are growing and vibrant.
  • Again I ask - who or what is funding that bus tour?

While we're at it with revamping the names of dissident cabals, I humbly suggest an alternative name for the so-called WATER bunch headed by Mary Hunt and Diane Neu.  How about Dissidents Reveling In Pernicious Sin - that is, DRIPS?


  1. Sr Simone the main "bus nun" said at Sinsinawa that the bus trip was brainstormed with and assisted by the "big players" in DC. Among the big players NETWORK associates with (verifiable from articles within the last few months on both organizations' websites that mention each other) is the definitely pro-abortion rights and pro-"gay marriage" Center for American Progress. I would like to know if they were involved with the bus trip idea and who else was.

  2. I have read the article and especially the comments in response to it. I struggle to find anything charitable to say about either. It saddens me to see Christians so caught up in their own sense of righteousness that they forget basic Christian charity.

    1. Bill, what do you mean by "Christian charity"? Define your terms, please, and please be specific about your objections. If you can't or won't do that, then I hold your comment to be symptomatic of one who can't deal with frank truth. Without that, such "charity" is nothing more than a sentimental counterfeit of true charity.

      Check out the June 20th and June 29th posts about the very real dangers that accompany an overemphasis on "being nice".


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