Saturday, June 2, 2012

PRENDA Defeated - With A Surprise Twist AND Another LA Video

Although a majority of Representatives voted to pass the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act, it did not achieve the two-thirds vote necessary for passage.  Here is the roll call.  Most of the Democrats opposed it and most of the Republicans supported it.  That's no surprise at all.

What is the surprise - and I hope an eye-opener - is one of the Republicans who opposed PRENDA.  That's Ron Paul, alright!  I hope this dispels forever the canard that he is 100% pro-life.

The Messiah Most Miserable made very clear his opposition to this bill that would have prevented abortions targeted at a specific race and gender.  In doing so, he and his lackeys made plain who is waging the real "war on women". 

What is another "non-surprise" is that another Planned Parenthood facility (this one in New York City) was caught by Live Action as facilitating the abortions of baby girls simply because they're girls!  Is that the real face of modern feminism?  Such seems to be the case.  I wonder if PP will try to make a "sacrificial scape-goat" out of this counselor?  Click here if you can't see embedded video.


  1. I wonder if this kind of effort is not just a waste of time. It just give the Republicans an opportunity to score free points with Pro-Lifers - without obligating them to do anything.

    What are Pro-Lifers going to do, vote for Obama? The Republicans know we have no where else to go.

    As a practical matter, the bill is unenforcable. All anyone has to do is to claim some other reason for the abortion, to evade this particular requirement.

    I also find the implications of the bill troubling. If the abortion is clearly not for reasons of sex selection - does that make it OK?

    What we want to do is to show the American public how prevalent sex-selection abortions really are - so that maybe honest people will revolt at this particular depth of depravity - and then, we can hope, take the next logical step and realize that all abortions are abhorrent.

    Passing a law whose effect would be to cover up some of the actual horror of abortion - would be counter-productive.

    1. This kind of effort is NOT a "waste of time". Many in the pro-life movement pooh-pooh the so-called "incremental approach" - but the fact is these laws do save lives and set the ground-work for passing more protection laws.

      The pro-abortion forces realize such would have been the case with PRENDA. That's why they opposed it. Even Obama came out strongly against it. If the law was to be as non-effectual as you opine it to be, would not the pro-aborts have let it pass so that THEY could score some "brownie points" with pro-lifers?

      At the very least, we now have it on record that Obama and his little pro-abort minions don't care a whit about women or minorities. Unfortunately, Ron Paul plopped himself squarely in that camp. What he did was indefensible.


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