Friday, June 15, 2012

USCCB Applauds Obama's Disregard Of The Constitution

In March of 2011, when asked by some students whether or not he would enforce immigration laws, President Obama pointed out that "America is a nation of laws" and his job as president was to enforce those laws.  On that occasion he spoke correctly.

Fast forward to present times.  Lo and behold, times do change!  Read to the bottom of that last link.  This is no surprise; we've come to expect that from the Messiah Most Miserable.

What is disappointing (although not too terribly surprising) is that the USCCB is applauding this about-face of Obama's.  I can think of two reasons, both which I think are in play here.
  1. The USCCB and the progressives that infest its halls (yes, Kevin Appleby is one of them) continue to look for ways to promote the liberal agenda.
  2. The USCCB has taken the step of distancing itself from the Obama regime over the HHS mandate.  Perhaps by this maneuver they seek to mollify their Democratic moneybags and to let them know that they aren't straying too far from the plantation.
If the bishops expect to be respected (if not loved) by the political powers-that-be, they must stop looking for opportunities to grovel and kiss up to the establishment.  How can they, on one hand, insist that Obama respect the Constitution when it comes to the First Amendment while on the other hand they applaud Obama's disrespect of the Constitution when it comes to the presidential responsibility to enforce the nation's laws?

 Let them be bishops instead of political sheep.

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