Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Video Of DC's Rally This Past Friday

Below is video from the Stand Up For Religious Freedom rally last Friday in DC, within view of the Capitol. All the speakers are to be thanked for their time, but Father Proporsky, the first speaker, fell into a bit of a booby trap at the 4:00 mark.  He extolled a poster of Norman Rockwell's entitled "Freedom To Worship".  It's true that in the 1940s there was no thought of relegating First Amendment religious rights to "worship" only, but there most certainly is an insidious effort along those lines now.

At around the 30:00 mark, listen very closely to the former POW.  He makes the point that those who propose a "new world order" must crush religion, for such a government cannot brook a higher moral/social order than itself.  I've never supported such a cockamaney notion and have long said that the United Nations should be abolished with all haste and without ceremony.

I also point out Trent Frank's comments at the 45:00 mark.  He's quite correct in saying that if Obama wins in November, then all hell (I mean that literally) will break loose.  That means we get behind the GOP nominee - now!

The clip will now follow this jump break.
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  1. Norman Rockwell's picture was painted well before the recent efforts to restrict freedom of "religion" to mere freedom of "worship." Msgr. O'Neill's prayer for fair weather was a brief but eloquent masterpiece, and ... it may well have been the occasion of a miracle.

    1. I understand that, but given these current conditions, Msgr O'Neill would have done much better to make clear the real distinction between "freedom of worship" and the more encompassing (and more true to the Bill of Rights) "freedom of religion". Words have specific meanings. Now more than ever we must bear that in mind and seek to be very precise in the language we employ.


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