Monday, April 15, 2013

Cardinal Wuerl Defends Father Shaffer

Dawn Eden gave a first-hand account of a homily delivered by Cardinal Wuerl yesterday during Mass at St Stephen Martyr Church in Washington DC.  That church is the parent parish of the GW chaplaincy.  Father Shaffer and two former GW chaplains were concelebrating the Mass.  I won't go into all the details; I'll leave it to you to read Dawn's account.

I am encouraged to learn of this.  Father Shaffer is a fine priest and it's good to see his brother priests - and his bishop - rallying to his aid.

UPDATE: The Cardinal has posted his homily on his blog.  Thanks to my anonymous commenter from 7:50pm for alerting.  My link is "clickable".


  1. I suggest you read Wuerl's words for yourself:

    Wuerl is obviously, like Voris said in his homo video, wanting us to believe (and teaching us) that there are TWO sexualities or "orientations":

    "But we also need to remember that we all know people – homosexual and heterosexual alike – who may disagree with particular teachings of the Church, but do not express that disagreement by demanding that the Church and her ministers be silenced."

    Wuerl also wants us to accept professing homosexuals at Mass (outlining strict limits for Fr. Shaffer vs. supporting him):

    "We must be inclusive, we must recognize the bonds of mutual charity and we must continue to reach out to all of those brothers and sisters who come TO MASS to be with us. We must be allowed to do so freely.

    "The Catholic Church welcomes everyone and tries to walk with them on life’s journey while at the same time upholding a moral law by which we are all obliged to live."

    No doubt if some open AGLO homos want communion Fr. Shaffer better give it to 'em or he be out on his ear like Fr. G.

    Anyone who wants to know why MCC was applauding state of Maryland last year for working w/Planned Parenthood and why the church is doing nothing to end abortion in Maryland and actually supporting civil unions need look no further than Wuerl's concluding statement:

    "There should be tolerance and respect among all people. There has to be room enough in America in a society as large, as free and pluralistic as ours to make space for all of us."

    ALL means for baby killers and those who oppose baby killing, for NAMBLA priests and non-NAMBLA priests, for homosexual marriages & non-homosexual marriages. I guess the only reason Dr. Carhart isn't getting communion in the Catholic Church is because he hasn't presented himself for it.

    MCC praising DHMH for working w/abortionists "stakeholders":

    “We especially appreciate DHMH’s transparency throughout the last 15 months,” said Nancy Paltell, associate director for respect life with the Maryland Catholic Conference. “Their willingness to work closely with stakeholders, in a positive and collaborative approach, was first class.”
    “This needlessly tragic issue would have remained in the shadows and clinics would have continued to go essentially unregulated without the voices of Marylanders, those who consider themselves pro-choice as well as those who consider themselves pro-life, speaking out and calling for an end to 20 years of unchecked, and in too many cases, unsafe abortion clinics,” Paltell said.

    1. First, thanks for alerting me to the blog posting. All should read it themselves. I understand what you're saying, but the Cardinal never said they'd be eligible to present themselves for Communion. He's speaking of our attitude when they come to Mass. Bear in mind that those in mortal sin who cannot partake of Holy Communion are still strictly obliged by the Third Commandment and Church precept to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. Should they not attend, that would be its own mortal sin. I still look with displeasure upon the actions of the chancery last year and we will indeed be cautious as we view current proceedings from the ADW chancery.

  2. The Cardinal NEVER said they'd be ineligible to present themselves for communion either. In fact, he said there were 2 ways to feed the sheep:

    "With what is the flock to be fed? There are two great sources of nourishment for those who CLAIM to be a part of the flock of Jesus, those who WISH to be associated with the risen Lord, those who have encountered Christ alive in their hearts, in the world, in the Church today. Those two sources are the Word of God and the sacraments – the Eucharist."

    He says that is wrong to silence the church's teaching and that the church must continue "to teach", but when people disobey the teaching, he stated:

    "With respect to those who do not choose to follow, we do not impose those words of the Church on anyone."

    "I want to make something very, very clear. Our response must be the response of Jesus Christ, the response of his Church, a response rooted in love. When we are attacked, there will always be the temptation to respond in kind. But we must respond out of who we are. We are followers of Jesus Christ."

    (I suggest you reread the words that began that paragraph again: "I WANT TO MAKE VERY VERY CLEAR" and then go back & re-read the sentence beginning the 2nd par of the sermon: "In a PARTICULAR way [in a very SPECIFIC & QUALIFIED], I want to offer a word of support and encouragement to your chaplain, Father Greg Shaffer.")

    Wuerl then goes into the spiel about "MASS" which I quoted - that's as close as he comes to discussing the 2nd way of "feeding the sheep".

    You and I both know that open homos are continuously being given the sacraments in dioceses across the country - San Fran, NY, DC -Wuerl's own cathedral, St. Matthew's, is welcoming of homosexuals - Fr. Jameson, Wuerl's rector, had an open & active homo serving mass w/him as he encouraged him toward the priesthood (homo's first choice was the jesuits "I’m openly gay, have been since I was 16 and I’m sure it was detectable to my family long before that age. The order didn’t mind that. Religious Orders make their own rules and guidelines for accepting novitiates":

    Fr. Jameson is a signatory of a pastor's statement advocating homosexual unions:

    St. Matthew's is listed as welcoming open homos along w/several Jesuit (Bergoglio) parishes:

  3. You may be unaware of book "Setting the Table" which was edited by that conservative opposer of gay "marriage" Bishop Cordileone:

    "What exactly does Schexnayder promote in his book Setting the Table? Here is a summary of his agenda: • Parishes should welcome homosexuals. Therefore, priests must educate parishioners to support the homosexual ministry through homilies and encourage workshops for homosexual parishioners. They should also invite homosexuals to share their stories with the communities.
    • Priests should increase parish awareness of gay issues by participating in celebrations. For example, by “celebrating” Solidarity Sunday on the first weekend of October, allowing homosexual parishioners to pass out rainbow ribbons and prayer cards before and after each Mass.
    • Parishes should open marriage and family support programs to homosexual “couples.”
    • Homosexuals should also become welcomed into ministries as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, music, RCIA, religious education leaders, and members of the liturgy planning and parish council.
    His book is a primer for parishes to reach these goals...

    Schexnayder's manuscript was edited by Oakland Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone "who made suggestions that were followed by the author."

    Fr. George Wilkinson was eager to "set the table" for homos at Holy Redeemer Church in College Park where he was pastor just last year -- using the excuse of sodomite marriage soon to be passed in Maryland. When a parishioner called ADW to protest, person who answered the phone asked, why do you object to inviting homosexuals to your church and then transferred parishioner to a voice mail box.


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