Thursday, April 4, 2013

GWU Gays Launch Persecution Campaign Against Catholic Chaplain

Two gay students at George Washington University are shocked (just shocked, I tell you!) that the Catholic chaplain on campus is acting like (gasp!) a Catholic chaplain!!   Oh, the horror of it all!  They claim that Father Greg Shaffer's proclamation of Catholic truth causes them to (wait for it!) feel alienated.  One is left wondering from what they feel alienated.

In all seriousness, it is true that Damian Legacy's and Blake Bergen's gay lifestyle have indeed alienated themselves from God's love and (while they persist in mortal sin) eternal salvation.  One might hope that such feelings of alienation would cause them to take serious stock of their sinful lives, leave the practice of homosexuality and go to confession before they really find themselves alienated for all eternity.  We will pray for their repentance - and the repentance of those other twelve individuals.

Legacy and Bergen claim to "be upset about the counseling" that Father offers to homosexuals: to live chaste lives.  Again, when one goes to a Catholic priest for counseling, should they really be surprised that he is going to counsel them in the way he knows to be the truth?  If they just don't like what Father is saying, they can always go elsewhere, can they not?  And were they compelled under duress to seek Father out in the first place?  No, they heard Father alright, and their consciences are smarting.  Their behavior is reminiscent of the pharisees who held their hands over their ears as they rushed to stone Stephen the first martyr as the latter rebuked their sinfulness.  They hate the truth for it exposes the stench of their own conduct so they proceed on a mad rush to quash it.

The article goes on to say that Legacy was considering the priesthood before Father Shaffer arrived on campus.  Perhaps Legacy didn't like seeing how a real priest lives and carries on his ministry.  Legacy abandoned his own "priesthood" pipe-dream for which I cry "Deo Gratias!"

Pray for Father Shaffer and all priests.  Pray that they might proclaim God's truth unabashedly.


  1. Good point: feel alienated now while you can turn around or be alienated for all Eternity. The faithful Catholic Church - last ones standing to listen without condoning homosexual activity.

  2. Here's an article on the "National Catholic Register" online with an interview with one of the GWU students:


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