Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Tyranny Of Sentimentality Leads To Sacrilege

I speak of the spiritual poison that seems to be intoxicating Christians and even Catholics in the wake of the Boston bomb explosions.  On Facebook Monday night, on the wall of an otherwise common-sense person, appeared this evidence of muddied thought:

"Tonight, we as a nation begin the healing process. Tonight, we remember the one thing that brings us all together. Tonight, we are not Democrats or Republicans. We are not liberals or conservatives. We are not pro-choicers or pro-lifers. We are not for or against anything. Tonight, we are Americans."  (italics mine)

I left this comment as a reply:

"I have to take issue with "we are not pro-lifers". I most certainly am and will never forget it or lay it aside. Yesterday, as the bombs were going off, babies were being slaughtered in abortuaries across the country - approximately 3500, the daily average. The nation mourns for the Boston victims as it should. But many of those engaged in this mourning facilitate the murders of countless more children. How contradictory! We as a nation have the blood of over 50 million innocent babies on our hands. I know many are praying for God's peace. How many are praying for His forgiveness in a spirit of repentance?"

The bombs went off Monday.  Several people are dead and hundreds more injured, some of these permanently maimed.  Our prayers are with them and their families as they mourn their dead and tend to their injured loved ones.

Since then, over 7000 babies were taken by their unloving families to be murdered and that death toll will continue to mount.  There are no loud bombs, no people running scared nor debris in the streets.  Most of these murders happen behind the closed doors of "medical facilities".  We know the names of several of those killed in Boston and have seen their grieving families.  Those murdered today in abortuaries weren't even granted the dignity of being named and they were betrayed by their relatives (although some of them will mourn later).

Do we see the disparity here?  I would expect that from the pro-abortion crowd - but not from those who otherwise espouse the sanctity of life!

Comes now the news (from Boston Catholic Insider and Tenth Crusade) that the Archdiocese of Boston tomorrow will host an "interfaith prayer service" at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.  Obama will lead it.  That's right!  The Messiah Most Miserable will profane a Catholic Church by leading a prayer service (just what the non-Christians will be praying to is yet to be determined, but I digress).  "But it's for all the poor victims!" will whine those deluded by the poison of sentimentality.  So it makes sense to have prayer for Monday's murder victims be led by an individual who has done so much to facilitate thousands of murders and untold destruction?  NOT!  The only thing Obama should be "leading" in a Catholic church is a line to the confessional.

Below I'll post Glen Beck's clip about the atrocities committed by Gosnell.  I've no doubt that this is occurring in many abortuary hell-holes throughout the country.  Yes, it's graphic, but this is what so many deluded souls (much of the delusion stemming from sentimentality) espouse.  (HT - Jill Stanek)


  1. you're right, of course, let's keep the polarization going in our society and world, it's the surest way to bring people to Christ

    1. My friend, looking past your sarcasm, it's obvious that your perspective is precisely ass-backwards. It is belief in and obedience to Christ that brings about authentic unity - not vice versa. Any "unity" apart from that is a mere sham. Don't believe me? Well, read Luke 12:51-53 and Ephesians 4:3-5 that make clear what must be present for real unity to be present.

  2. Comment wasn't even sentimental, but nonsense. Juxtaposing "prolife" w/ "prochoice" w/out any qualification means "one who believes murder should be illegal" or "one who believes murder is a matter of the murderer's choice". Obviously, the bomber [who hasn't been identified and so could very well be "American"] chose to set off some bombs that muderered and maimed some people at the Boston Marathon.

    Equally obviously, in marathon bombings (or any instance when poster is vulnerable to getting murdered) poster wants to unite w/"pro lifers".

  3. I'm with the sarcastic guy

  4. Today I had lunch Lawson's on 13th St. NW and one of their TVs was tuned to CNN. The interfaith prayer service was on. By the time I could fully watch it, the service was ending and cameras followed the President and First Lady leaving. At one point, I saw a group of clergy on the altar and one of them appeared to be an Orthodox bishop because of the black vestments and distinctive "hat" for that office.


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