Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sheeple Sign Petition To Ban Pressure Cookers

The word "sheeple" is the only word I can concoct that fits folks who would beg the government to abridge their rights as adults.  They seem to want a nanny-state!  Well, all I can say is that the John Dewey-inspired progressive school system has done its job too well and Church leaders have done theirs abysmally.

ClashDaily.com's "liberal chick" got dozens of these signatures!  Just watch!

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  1. Please, tell me this is a spoof! My mom used her pressure cooker a couple of times a week. She made great "porcupine balls" with rice and could cook potatoes lickity split for mashed potatoes. People who can low acid vegetables need pressure cooker canners for food safety. This is so ridiculous if that girl is serious.

    Actually, I went to the clashdaily.com website. It is a spoof -- like the James O'Keefe videos. But this little gal really carries it off and it illustrates how dumb so many people are. Knives kill more people than pressure cooker bombs so ban kitchen knives. And these kids are in college? God help us!

    So silly. The only sensible student on the video is the gal at the end in the yellow dress and the black guy who says "Hell no."


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