Monday, April 15, 2013

Media Bias Motivates Lack Of Gosnell Coverage

Most of my readers are aware that Kermit Gosnell (I refuse to call him "doctor") has been on trial in Philadelphia for multiple murder charges.  Hitherto most of the lame-brain media have been silent on the matter.  Many pro-lifers engaged in a "tweet" campaign which seems to have embarrassed some of the media into admitting their own bias.

Jill Stanek points out that CNN's Anderson Cooper did a segment (embedded below) on the Gosnell situation and apparent cover-ups of not only the media but the state of Pennsylvania.  As you watch the video, please notice at the 5:50 mark a passing reference to a woman being referred to Gosnell's place by a Maryland abortuary.  I wonder how much these referrals dried up after Leroy Carhart opened up his own hell hole in Germantown. Stanek links to the grand jury report, which I also do.  I also suggest that you save this pdf to your own computers.

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