Monday, April 15, 2013

What The Maryland Catholic Conference Calls "Success"

Today I received a cheery little email from the Maryland Catholic Conference celebrating the end of the "successful"  (???) 2013 General Assembly.  They reproduced it on their web page and I now link to it for your reading (dis)pleasure.

So what does the MCC consider to be hallmarks of "success"?  Here's the list:
  • Death penalty repeal - for hardened criminals, that is.  Innocent babies are still fair game.
  • Textbook funding - the "thirty pieces of silver" for which they literally sell their souls
  • Drivers' licenses for immigrants - undocumented immigrants, that is.  In other words, criminals
  • Gun violence - in other words, they lent their voices so they could shill for Obama's gun grab
Some of you might recall the post I produced a few days ago illustrating why I believe "gun control" actually runs counter to Magisterial teaching.  I believe the push for death penalty repeal also constitutes departure from Church teaching.  I will have a post on that shortly.

But the MCC acknowledges that not all was peaches and cream during this session.
  • Abortion statistics keeping and ban after 20 weeks - failed
  • A bill to require information on adoption for expectant mothers failed.
These last two items aren't minor disappointments, in my opinion.  The lack of action on these (plus what the MCC calls "successes") rendered this Annapolis session to be an abominable failure.  Unless there are changes of faces in 2014, we can expect more legislative slop.  Will we also have to expect that the MCC will drool enthusiastically over that?


  1. The Church in the US absolutely must unhitch it's wagon from domestic political interests. Because of misguided or lukewarm things like this (successors to Card. Bernadins' "seamless garment") I stopped using the phrase "social justice" a while ago because the term has become so corrupted and misused that it's lost it's meaning. Their speaking on what the Democrat party calls "gun control" (read law-abiding citizen control) is beyond their field of expertise and exemplifies how so much of the US Episcopacy has, in too many cases become a mouthpiece for Democrats. This is also why you won't see the cause of Pope Leo XIII sainthood advanced before any of the V-II Popes. Can you imagine any of the pseudo-Marxist Alyinskyite clergy having to read Rerum Novarum and publicly admit that it doesn't advocate Socialism?

    We're due for a scourging or chastisement. Even if you choose to ignore Fatima, just look around the Church is in crisis. I've heard some say that Martin Luther and the Reformation (pronounced Deformation or Revolt) was a scourging for the crisis 500 years ago and I wonder if the emergence of "AmChurch" is a modern version.

    May God have mercy on us all.

  2. Drivers' licenses for immigrants--undocumented immigrants, that is. In other words, *people*

    1. But of course they're people! Only people can be criminals, right? Criminals, by definition, are those PEOPLE who violate laws to such an extent that the violation(s) are key components of their lives. Such are people who are here in violation of our immigration laws. It's obvious that the word "criminal" offends you, but that is the reality of what they do. To cure your discomfort, you'd do better to ask the illegally-here people to cease their offending behavior. In granting driver licenses to such folks, the State Legislature and yes, the MCC, are facilitating criminal behavior. More's the shame for the MCC as they continue to make a joke out of any moral credibility to which they aspire.


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