Saturday, April 27, 2013

Virginia's Common-Sense Laws A Factor In Closing Abortuary

The Washington Post, mouthpiece for the baby-killers that it is, let loose with its screed entitled "Virginia's Assault on Abortion Claims a Victim".  The hysterical wording implied that a human being died as a result of the law.  Au contraire!  The lives of human beings will most likely be saved!
The "width of doorways" had everything to do with the
added trauma that this woman suffered!

The editorial starts off with this rather telling denial of fact claiming that "at abortion clinics.. the width of doorways..(has) little to do with the health of patients".  Note - to see prima facae evidence of the lunacy underlying that lie, take a gander at the photo to the right, of a woman being carried out of a.the width of now-closed Birmingham abortuary - because they couldn't get a gurney through the doorways!  They had to carry her down a dilapidated staircase and through a trash-filled ally!

The "victim" in this sorry excuse of an editorial is - was - Hillcrest Clinic of Norfolk VA.  The only reason it closed, apparently, is because the owners were too cheap to bring their chop shop to minimum standards for safety.  They did perform surgery, did they not?  Were they not interested in making abortion (surgical procedure) as safe for the women as possible?  Why were these so-called "champions of women" not willing to meet these standards but to even go beyond them?  But no, they balked and shut their doors.  And we are not complaining one bit.  Good bye, Hillcrest, and good riddance!  May many more hell holes suffer your fate!

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  1. "Hell hole" is a good descriptor. They are windows on Hell.


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