Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Things From The Uterus Belong To The State

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, in a so-called "public service announcement", engaged in a moment of inadvertent candor when she opined that "children belong to whole communities" as opposed to being the responsibility of their parents. This is presumably after the "things in the uterus turn into humans", to quote her previous statement.  She is clearly an apt spokesperson for public education - and I am not being facetious, but I do digress.

Getting back to her Freudian slip about children belonging to "the collective", many of my colleagues are shocked at this revelation; I am not.  This has been the game plan all along of the denizens of public education.  I minored in secondary education at the University of Maryland so my knowledge of the matter is not trivial.  We were taught in no uncertain terms that John Dewey was the "father of modern education".  Arguably he was, as he left his humanistic paw prints all over the place.  And yes, he was a signer of the Humanist Manifesto.

Paula Bolyard of PJMedia asks the question (a very good question) "Has a century of progressive education turned us into obedient sheep?"  I'd suggest that all read it.  The obvious answer to her question is a resounding "yes".  And that is by intent!

Read closely the Humanist Manifesto - and then read of the various "efforts" of the National Education Association.  The production of passive "sheeple" following the dictates of oligarchies such as the one fronted by the Messiah Most Miserable has been its thinly-disguised goal.  In other words, the public education system is following the playbook written long ago by John Dewey.

Here's the MSNBC video below.

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