Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Johns Hopkins U Sees The Error Of Its Way

Voice for Life, a student pro-life group on the campus of Johns Hopkins U in Baltimore, had been an officially-recognized student organization for fifteen years.  When it applied for re-recognition, the Student Government Association denied their application.  The basis for denial was strictly on account of VFL's pro-life advocacy.  The SGA overstepped their bounds, no doubt due to their own pro-abortion proclivities.  One SGA member went so far as to equate VFL with a "white supremist group".

The Thomas More Law Center intervened on behalf of VFL.  Today it was announced that the Student Government Association Judiciary Committee reversed the SGA ruling of March 24 and now Voice for Life enjoys the rights that all other JHU student groups enjoy.

HT to Jill Stanek's blog for the story; please follow that link for further details.  Ladies and gentlemen of good will, this is no time to be passive and demure.  We must stand up for our rights and not be afraid to get a little dirt under our fingernails.  Congratulations to these students.

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