Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Father Marcel Guarnizo: We Must Defend Life And Family Openly

Father Marcel Guarnizo (yes, the same who was expelled from the Archdiocese of Washington because he withheld Holy Communion from a practicing lesbian two years ago) gave an interview to Zenit that was released today.  Father is now working with the World Congress of Families and is focusing on training Catholic leaders in central and eastern Europe.

In this interview, Father expressed hope that he sees in Russia and other eastern countries that have suffered under tyranny for much of the twentieth century.  He believes that signs of vitality that he sees there might offer some hope for western Europe and the United States of America, both writhing in the throes of the culture of death and the resulting demographic winter.

Let's take Father's words to heart.  Everyone of us - particularly the ordained - has a responsibility to speak out in defense of faith and life.


  1. Father Marcel Guarnizo, you were my hero then and you are my hero now! A TRUE DISCIPLE OF OUR LORD JESUS... I want you to be a POPE... and all issues will be gone...

  2. Thanks for sharing this! May God bless Father, abundantly!


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