Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Carhart's Fifth Abortion Botch-Job In Germantown Results In Another Woman Taken Away By Ambulance

Almost two weeks ago in Germantown Maryland (July 2) an ambulance pulled up to Germantown Reproductive Health Services and took yet another injured woman to the hospital (presumably Shady Grove).  Since Carhart set up shop there and started murdering babies in the latter parts of their pregnancies, four ambulances have rolled into that parking lot to take women to get real medical help.  In reality, Carhart injured five women; the first, Jennifer Morbelli, was taken to the hospital after her family could not reach Carhart.  She subsequently died.

Operation Rescue has more details here, along with video.  You will note that this incident required the assistance of two ambulance crews.  OR suggests that the Maryland Board of Physicians be contacted and that we demand an honest investigation.  I concur, with a caveat.

In November, the entire State of Maryland government, from the governor on down, is up for election.  I'd suggest that all Maryland citizens of good will do all in their power to keep Anthony Brown from moving into the Statehouse after his boss Martin O'Malley leaves.  As long as the Democrat party of death holds the reins of power, there will be no honest investigation of these abortionists.  Why do we think Carhart set up shop in Maryland in the first place?  O'Malley, Brown and Joshua Sharfstein have been openly wined and dined by Maryland NARAL at their various fundraisers.  Should the Dems retain power, they will NOT upset their gravy-trains.  No success in cleaning up Germantown will occur until we see clean-up in Annapolis and in Montgomery County.

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