Saturday, July 26, 2014

US Bishops, Please Stop Degrading The Church's Teachings For Federal Money!

I stated Tuesday that in the wake of Obama's executive order, the US hierarchy of the Church should finally wake up and immediately divest themselves of federal funds.  Others are sounding the same clarion call.  Read the Acton Institute blog; its president, Father Robert Sirico, aptly stated, "there is the threat that he who drinks the king's wine sings the king's song".  They bishops are certainly singing Obama's song loudly as they screech and shill for the de facto abolition of our southern borders.

The Acton article was offering commentary on Phil Lawler's piece about the dangers of relying on federal contracts.  I pray the bishops wake up and start refusing government money.  The conditions that come with that money amount to an effective prostituting of Church teaching on morality; that actually has been allowed to happen for way too long.  The bishops must stop this before it's too late and the Church's moral credibility is irretrievable.


  1. I agree completely with your assessment. The Bishops need to get out of the Social Justice Charity Industry all together and concentrate on helping their flocks love God, love others and become holy. If this is done all the social justice issues will be taken care of by their followers.

    Michael Dowd

  2. Agreed, the USCCB needs to stop being the DNC at prayer and stop taking Federal Money


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