Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pelosi And USCCB Make Buffoons Of Themselves Over The Illegal Alien Situation

With the rather "sudden" influx of young children being put on buses and being shipped to the US - rendering them illegal immigrants, the USCCB is once again doing obeisance to their progressive sugar-daddies by getting behind Obama's request for nearly $4 billion to (ahem!) address this problem.  They are being lauded and cheered in this foolishness by none other than Nancy Pelosi.

She has taken the occasion to wax lyrical about the "eloquence of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops" in their discussions about the influx.  Pssst!  Hey Nancy!  A couple of points!
  1. They ceased calling themselves the "National Conference of Catholic Bishops" several decades ago!  They are now the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops!  Got that?
  2. You certainly had no fond words to say when they were actually acting like Catholic bishops in decrying abortion and the contraception mandate!  Your fondness for their eloquence seems to be attuned to whether they are going lockstep with the Cloward-Piven strategy versus the Magisterium!
As far as these busloads of kids coming in, has it dawned on these USCCB types - and their brother bishops south of the Rio Grande - that they should be rebuking their parents for just shoving their children away from them?  Has it dawned on them that they should be urging these parents to (wait for it!) raise their own children?

I for one think it's rather telling how all this seems to be happening in a coordinated fashion.  How did all these Mexican children come to be on those buses?  There are thousands of them; the collection and shipping of the kids to the US took some effort, and not just on the part of "desperate parents".  Of course the USCCB seems to be cheering on the influx - almost as on cue.  Are these kids meant to be the vanguard for their parents, so that they can join them (and become Democrat voters)?  I mentioned briefly the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  I'd suggest all read up on it, for we are seeing it being implemented right now.


  1. Good Morning,
    Thanks for focusing on this particular sinister plot of the Obama regime.

    I am not certain you have all of the facts since you mention, " did all these Mexican children come to be on those buses?..." That is one of the Catch 22 problems regarding deportation...they aren't Mexican. I'll copy some of Rush Limbaugh's transcripts here regarding who these children are. There is a law in the U.S. (I don't know when it was passed and don't have time to research it at this moment--this is not the legislation that Rush refers to) that states we can only deport bordering countries (Mexico and Canada) illegal immigrants.

    In addition to this info, I have copied my email in response to our USCCB's request to notify our congress as to what they (the USCCB) believe we should do...ASAP.

    God bless you and keep fighting the good fight!

    "So Ms. Crabtree says, "So in June 2012, Obama announced a half-measure he would take on his own. Through an executive order, Obama allowed hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who came before the age of 16 to remain in the US." And I remember that. Maybe you do, too, when I mention this. I remember that like it was yesterday now. Out of the blue, just one day, with the stroke of his pen, hundreds, anybody, undocumented, who came before the age of 16 was just allowed to stay. Republicans said nothing because they were afraid of angering the Hispanic vote for Romney.

    So Susan Crabtree says that, "As a campaign tactic, it was a hit, helping Obama win Latino voters by 71 percent, according to an analysis of exit polls by the Pew Hispanic Center. But the hidden cost was Obama’s credibility on the issue among many congressional Republicans. Although immigration reform passed the Senate with some GOP support, it has stalled in the House. Now a border crisis spurred by thousands of young migrants has brought the mistrust to a head."

    So it's just another media person with a theory as to why and how this may be hurting Obama. But again, it raises the question. If it has, where are the Republicans trying to make hay on it? In fact, it could well be, folks, everybody's trying to figure out how in the hell did this happen? And by David "Rodham" Gergen's own estimate yesterday, 45 days it takes to get here once they decide to leave El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, 45 days to get here, so it's not like they can sneak up on us. And everybody's saying, "How did this happen? Why now?" Maybe this can be traced back to Obama in 2012 with the stroke of his pen granting every undocumented alien under 16 permanent status.

    You think that could be? I mean, it makes a lot of sense to me. (interruption) Well, I know it goes deeper than that, but I'm asking for a simple explanation to the low-information voters. And I'm looking for something the Republicans could use. Everybody's trying to figure out, "How did this happen? Why now all of a sudden?" There's your answer: Obama, executive order, 2012. Anybody under 16 already here gets to stay. Voila. Who's coming? Kids under 16." (Copied from Rush Limbaugh's website)

  2. From: Tony Cube []
    Sent: Wed 7/2/14 4:26 PM
    Subject: USCCB/JFI Action Alert: Send a postcard to your U.S.
    Representatives asking them to pass just and compassionate immigration

    Dear Mr. Cube,

    It is time for our U.S. Bishops to close down groups such as yours who are NOT serving a population but are bureaucrats. I would like to know if you are receiving a salary and how much you are being paid. Please provide your salary information, your entire staff and their salaries, and all those occupying positions in our USCCB bureaucracy. Add those up, and figure out how they could be much more directly spent for those who break the law by entering our country or any other country (probably not nearly as many flooding into South American countries from Central America? They bypass Mexico (which is some distance from their location to ours.)

    The USCCB NEEDS TO STAY OUT OF IMMIGRATION. They are incapable at 99.9% of things handled in Washington D.C. (H.H.S. mandate and the UN-Affordable Care Act as just 2 reminders). Stop sending out notices that are in coalition with groups being rebuked by Pope Francis (LCWR) as well as anyone who has bought the Climate Change hoax (which even some Democrats now see and are edging away from any and all connection to this hoax).

    Our Country is being dragged under and held by the throat of the Obama Administration, and all you are doing is adding to their deception. You have no authority to dictate legislation and legislators. The Bishops are not speaking the Words of the Word. Get off of your high horses, and get to the border to offer physical assistance if you are so very concerned for these who have been paid to illegally enter the U.S.A. by Democrats. Wake up Mr. Cube and stop reaching into Washington...they are a well as the pockets of the Catholic Faithful who are struggling to care for their own!!! Sir, do you realize that we are on the verge of having more people employed by our government than in the private sector...who's covering the tab?

    What is compassionate is to secure our borders (which our President has NOT done). So he creates an even greater crisis...

    We've done the immigration reform already....and those who are called to enforce the legislation, don't...our tax dollars at work.

    Please consider packing your bags and heading for the border to actually do something compassionate. And shut down the ever costly USCCB! Look to the real leaders...such as Bishop Poprocki (sp?) and start silencing those who dumb down and pervert the Faith such as Cardinal Dolan.

    Those in the Guatemala photo are not suffering from malnutrition...from your website. If they are not happy, I am sorry. I know so very many Mexicans who have the Faith...some poor, others not. They are happy. Give the most blessed gift after the gift of life; namely, the gift of the One True Faith.

    I look forward to your response.
    Until then, May the Lord bless you and keep you,

    Mrs. Mariann


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