Thursday, July 3, 2014

Carhart's Indiana Abortuary Among Three Mills Closed This Week

Operation Rescue announced the happy news that three places where children were being murdered are now defunct.  One of them is a baby-killing center where Leroy Carhart worked one day per week.  The place in Indianapolis where Carhart worked was called Affiliated Women's Services and was owned by Lois Bennett.  It seems she owed about $20,000 in county taxes; the place was seized and will be sold at auction so that some of those taxes can be recouped.  It also appears that the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana was investigating the mill over questions related to patient safety.

Operation Rescue broached the Indiana officials about those matters and the latter at least seemed to address them with professionalism and impartiality.  They also broached the State of Maryland regarding Carhart after he sent his third Maryland victim to a hospital (one of them a fatality).  However, the Maryland State government, with the de facto abortuary employees that inhabit high offices in Maryland, have largely turned a blind eye to Carhart's many deficiencies.

Ladies and gentlemen - particularly Maryland citizens - this is why the upcoming election in November is so critical. (Reminder - Faithful Catholics of MD/DC Inc is not a 501c3 charity.  We can make any political statement that we wish).  We need to clean house in Maryland - that means Anthony Brown cannot be allowed to move into the State House; vote for Larry Hogan for governor.  We need to eject the NARAL puppets - including Joshua Sharfstein - from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and other related state agencies.  We also need to rid county-level governments - particularly Montgomery County and Baltimore City - of the NARAL lackeys who wasted taxpayer dollars to try to stymie the First Amendment rights of pro-life pregnancy centers.  Only then do we stand half a chance of abating the slaughter within the State of Maryland.  I'll have more on the elections later.

I rejoice at the closure of Carhart's Indiana mill.  I only regret that this might mean he'll spend more time in Germantown killing babies.

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