Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pope Francis And His Paparazzi

With the situation in the Gaza strip and the general abysmal state of the Church today, why do so many "catholic" news outlets choose to focus on trivial occurrences?  Take all the hubbub, for example, that occurred last week when the Holy Father took lunch in a Vatican cafeteria with some Vatican employees.  Ok, maybe it was worth a picture and a short blurb, but that's it.  Why did everyone feel impelled to beat the incident into the ground?  I can hear the protests now.
  • Gee whiz!  It shows that the Pope is human!  Get real!  Do we really need to be shown he's human?  What else would we think he is?  A visitor from outer space?  Some prehistoric swamp monster?  And if one really asks that question, what does that question indicate about their concept of what it means "to be human"?
And now, ladies and gentlemen, comes this breaking and earth-shattering news!  You'd better be sitting down for this for otherwise you may not withstand the shock!  Ready?  Here goes!

Today the Holy Father went to (gasp!) visit his dentist!  And he walked!

Well whoppdidoo!  Big deal!  Assuming you haven't died from the shock - or boredom - as the case may be, don't you think it may be time to examine why our Catholic news outlets are focusing on things completely trivial and mundane?  Don't you wish they behaved like adult journalists and stopped behaving like giddy teeny-boppers who behave like voyeurs when it comes to gawking at the latest music idol?

If any of you are glomming onto this prattle, perhaps you need to ask yourselves why.

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