Monday, December 14, 2015

Breaking - Cardinal Wuerl Had George Neumayr Ejected From Basilica Of Immaculate Conception

The internet journalist George Neumayr related a troubling (but typical) incident that occurred today during a book-signing conducted by Cardinal Wuerl at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, located on the campus of Catholic University of America in Washington DC.  In his own words from his Facebook wall:
I attended the publicly advertised but sparsely populated event as a member of the press. I showed up in a suit and tie. I stood quietly near the table at which Wuerl was going to sign books. He arrived and I politely shook his hand. He gave me a serpentine grin and moved towards the table. A few moments later two police officers arrived and said to me that the Basilica bookstore was "private property" and that the Church wanted me "escorted off the property."
Why would Cardinal Wuerl have a member of the press removed from Church property by the police during a book signing? Because I have been investigating Wuerl's corrupt use of the faithful's money. He has been furtively using donations to finance a multimillionaire penthouse on Embassy Row. His press secretary has denied every one of my requests for an interview and so I have sought to interview Wuerl and priests with whom he has lived at the penthouse by typical journalistic means. Outrageously, Wuerl has used my mere reporting as a pretext to call the police on me. This is the "transparent," "accessible," and "accountable" Church of Pope Francis? May God help us all.
In all of my years of reporting, I have never seen a churchman as deviously insular and elitist as Wuerl. On the hard-earned donations of the faithful, he has lived like a Borgia-era cardinal, indulging his affluent tastes while eschewing his flock and ignoring or abusing his priests. His exploitation of the faithful's funds is made even more gross by his subversive heterodoxy, on display at the recent Synod on the Family and in his defense of Communion for pro-abortion pols and other checkered Catholics. He takes the faithful's money to bankroll his ecclesiastical perks while seeking to separate those faithful from the orthodox teachings of the Church.
Unbelievable?  Not so!  Consider Wuerl's treatment of Father Marcel Guarnizo over three years ago.  Let's shine some light on this misbehavior and not let these progressive clergy get away with this thuggish behavor.


  1. This is a disgrace.........although their is an easy fix. If Mr. Neumayr came out a a gay-abortionist he would be welcomed back by the Cardinal.

  2. 'multimillionaire penthouse'? Will more than one be living there? However, I will have to do more research on the matter at hand.

  3. REALLY sickening. Trying myself to find a faithful orthodox community within the Church in which to donate to, other than putting money in the collection basket of which some of the money goes to the Diocese. They are getting no more of my money. I'm not in Wuerl's Diocese but in Cupich's. No more of my money going to modernists.

  4. These men are'nt worried about their flocks, about leading souls to heaven. If the Catholic Church had not been hijacked 60 years ago by the vatican 2 religion most of today's "cardinals" and "bishops" never would have had a calling to the priesthood in the first place. I'd say I'm surprised at what this guy did but then I'd be lying....if I had a dollar for every truly good man in the vatican 2 church of the rank of "bishop" or higher I might have enough money for a large pizza.

  5. Should have turned over the table the cardinal was signing books on. Would have been biblical!

  6. We think the walls are closing in on the Cardinal. Just think, if Mr. Neumayr was a priest, Wuerl would have transfered him to Rome for five years in order to advance his cover up.

  7. This guy seems to write nothing but pure vitriol. Seems like a good Catholic would not be so hateful.

    1. What makes you think it's "hateful"? The real concern is whether or not it is factually accurate. The fact that a particular subject is unpleasant does not render it "hateful".


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