Saturday, December 12, 2015

New York Pervert Priest Resigns In Wake Of Parishioners' Lawsuit has announced a new development in the currently-unfolding scandal.  The priest who allegedly funneled millions in parish donations to support his accomplice in sodomy has resigned.  The article is here.  The article links to the lawsuit document as well as some rather graphic accounts of the priest's romps with his criminal accomplice.  I would suggest reading through the lawsuit to acquire some appreciation of the insults endured by the parishioners.

It is apparent that Dolan knew about this debauchery for some time now.  Because of the scrutiny under which he now finds himself, thanks largely to,  Dolan is now in "damage control" mode.  Part and parcel of that is the resignation of Father Miqueli.  I've no doubt that had the spotlight never shone, that Miqueli would still be in his position.  Do these two clerics hope that this will blow over so that Miqueli can be quietly assigned to another parish?  That is how the pervert priests were handled twenty years ago before the secular press blew the lid off that scandal.

For this reason I hope and pray that the plaintiffs in this suit will see it through to the end and not settle for some quiet settlement.  For too long corruption has been allowed to fester in the Archdiocese of New York.  It must be brought into the open, under public scrutiny.  Otherwise there is no hope for healing and reform.

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