Monday, December 7, 2015

Pro-Aborts And Vatican Progressives Lash Against Those Who Speak Truth

It seems that if Archbishop Fisichella has his way, Yours Truly (and others) will be excommunicated for speaking the truth about the grievous errors that are pouring forth from the Vatican on a daily basis, with a goodly portion of that error coming from the pope.  In the same breath with which he spoke of this "year of mercy", he said that those who speak out against the pope's errors are guilty of "physical violence" and might require the ministrations of these specially-commissioned "missionaries of mercy".   Fortunately, this nonsense from Fisichella appears to be its own collection of many errors; Dr. Ed Peters, canon lawyer, did an analysis that showed Fisichella's claims to be in contradiction to canon law.

While I'm sure that won't stop Fisichella, it does show how hollow are his veiled threats.  I suspect that won't stop him or his buddies from attempting to silence us and prevent us from upholding Catholic truth.  Similar things were accomplished in the Archdiocese of Washington over three years ago.  In my own parish, at the beginning of Lent, Father Marcel Guarnizo denied Holy Communion to a flagrant lesbian, thus upholding Canon 915.  When she went pouting to the Washington Post, Bishop Knestout - with the approval, if not direct order, from Cardinal Wuerl - stripped Father Guarnizo of his faculties and apologized to the lesbian for the attempt to prevent her from committing sacrilege.  She made no secret that she wanted to destroy Father Guarnizo.  Had Father been incardinated in this diocese and not elsewhere, I'm sure that the cowards of the DC chancery would have fallen all over themselves to do her bidding and laicize Father.

On another front, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch (a Minion Most Mindless if ever there was one) threatened to "take action" against "anti-muslim speech".  Apparently the Messiah Most Miserable is quite adept at picking officials who neither know nor respect the US Constitution that they are sworn to uphold.  Now, after a well-deserved drubbing after her tyrannical remarks, she appears to be back-peddling a bit.  Too late, Toots!  You're wise if you don't overreach yourself but now we know how your brain ticks (using the word "brain" loosely).

Do you see a pattern here?  Progressive lemmings ensconced in high places, be it the Vatican or Washington DC, are lashing out against those who are exposing their chicanery.  When the light shines, cockroaches run and they resent those who shine it.  Perhaps we prick their consciences when we do, or simply make it harder for them to do their misdeeds under scrutiny.  By God's grace, we must be doing something right; their rage and venom is proof.  Hopefully they'll learn and be converted to real Christianity.


  1. Have a healthy fear of the homosexual network whose deeds can be more sinister
    and covert than flakey excommunications.

  2. What I wonder is who exactly gave Lynch the "well-deserved drubbing"? I mean, really. The Zero Administration is awash with progressives so who would have clued her in? Just wondering if she came to her senses (sort of) all on her own. Maybe her first year law professor texted her with a gentle reminder of our Constitution.


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