Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Yes! Mary DID Know!


  1. My wife and I heard this on the radio on Sunday and she said I don't like this song. I agreed not saying my reason but it was for this very reason. Glad to Michael Boris give this his attention.

  2. I'm sensing a Grinch attack. To be honest, I like the song. Just change a few words. "Did you know that your baby boy would come to make things new, that the child that you delivered, had first delivered you?" There was a lot Mary did not know and "pondered in her heart." At the presentation, Mary and Joseph both "marvelled" at what Simeon said. If they knew everything, they would not have marvelled. Hayley Westenra has a beautiful rendition of the song. Of course, Mary and Joseph both knew Jesus was God, so, as Catholics, we can answer the question with a resounding, "Yes." Mary knew. But does everything have to involve criticism, the accusation of heresy and a fight? I'm betting that this song touches many hearts and may even get Protestants thinking about Mary instead of ignoring her. You can listen to it on YouTube if you like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUmRv98bSu8

    1. Your modification to the song would be great. But the song as it currently stands does contain error. That cannot be overlooked. Too many other errors over the years have been overlooked and we can see where that's gotten us. The fact is that too many Catholics are swallowing the whole song lock, stock and barrel without questioning or even noticing the faulty lyrics that they blithely admit into their brains.


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