Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Corrupt, Weak-Minded And Weak-Willed Lechers Occupy High Offices In Maryland

So many pro-lifers in Maryland are at a loss to understand how sloppy and murderous abortionists like Leroy Carhart are given a free pass to ply their grisly affairs.  The answer to these dilemmas is both disgusting and simple.  Watch how Maryland Deputy AG Thiruvendran Vignarajah tries to seduce an undercover reporter.  In the process, he discloses how he'd like to strip law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights and give the Messiah Most Miserable assistance in growing an ever-encroaching governmental behemoth.  He repeatedly states how these are top-secret affairs.  Well bust my britches!  Isn't the AG's office supposed to be about public business?  If so, by what logical contortion do these demagogues justify shielding their doings from public scrutiny?  And guess what?  The AG is married, so he's obviously of a mind to commit adultery.

If this isn't a clear indication of the correlation between "big-government progressivsm" and "sexual immorality", I don't know what is.  It is an indication of why the Church establishment (that means you, Maryland Catholic Conference!), should stop cozying up to these depraved individuals, for "if you sleep with dogs, you will get fleas".

At any rate, please share and make this go viral.  Hopefully Maryland citizens will recall this the next time Annapolis comes up for a vote.  Meanwhile, Maryland Conservative Action Network suggests that we call the AG office (Brian Frosh) and demand that he discipline his deputy: (410) 576-6300 or 1 (888) 743-0023.  Kudos to Project Veritas for their important work.

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