Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Carhart And Germantown Abortuary Subpoenaed By US Congress

The Energy and Commerce Committee of the United States Congress, Select Investigative Panel has today issued subpoenas to Leroy Carhart and Germantown Reproductive Health Services to investigate their practices.  This panel's jurisdiction includes reviewing the practices of late-term abortionists.  The number of women that Carhart has been sending to the hospital during these past few months has caught the attention of some in Washington.  Since this past December, Carhart has sent five women to Shady Grove Hospital.

In connection with this investigation, other agencies have also received subpoenas.  These include:
  • Montgomery County Police
  • Montgomery County Fire and Rescue
  • Butler Medical Transportation
  • Shady Grove Hospital
  • Holy Cross Hospital - Germantown
  • Maryland Board of Physicians
Ladies and gentlemen, the above account illustrates the importance of your participation in the election of federal and state representatives.  As flawed as the GOP is, it is under their watch that some accountability appears to be happening.  No one in their wildest dreams can believe that had Nancy Pelosi been Speaker of the House, that this investigation would see the light of day.

In addition to prayer, we must get ourselves to the polls on Election Day and vote for those who will advance the pro-life agenda or at least for those who will offer less hindrance to it than their opponent.  In most cases that will mean the GOP candidate.  If Democrats gain the ascendancy, this investigation will be scuttled.

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