Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lepanto Discovers More Gay Sympathizers In Ranks Of CRS And USCCB

It appears that the Catholic Relief Services hasn't learned anything from its Rick Estridge and Tony Spence debacles.  Maybe it's because they never considered these two dissidents to be problematic for their mission.  Of course that might be saying something about the anti-Catholic nature of their real mission.

Lepanto Institute has unearthed yet another enabler of mortal sin within the ranks of CRS.  His name is Michael Wynne, a systems analyst for CRS.  All indications from his social media accounts point to him supporting same-sex #mowwidge and being in a sodomite situation himself.

CRS is under the control of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  It seems that they too harbor in their ranks a gay-sympathizer named Kristyn Peck.  Again, she is very up front about her coddling of mortal sin.  Do notice that at the USCCB, she is "Associate Director of Children's Services".  With someone like Peck at the helm of those "services" one might have reason to fear for the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of any children with whom they come in contact.

Lepanto is to be commended for unearthing these worms under the rocks at CRS and USCCB.  They quoted a line "personnel is policy".  They are correct, lending credibility to my own claim that USCCB should immediately be dismantled.  While it may seem remarkable that Lepanto can discover these dissidents, I'm beginning to believe that Lepanto might find it more difficult to find within the ranks of CRS and USCCB anyone who embraces fully the Teachings and Traditions of the Church.

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  1. While the USCCCP supposedly has a "one strike and you're out" zero-tolerance policy toward sexual offenders in its ranks, it and a number of its bishops (such as Miami's Archbishop Wenski with his parish pastor/school headmaster and the priest's male prostitute, school maintenance worker "friend") seemingly have a "who am I to judge" attitude in placing homosexual advocates and practitioners in sensitive positions


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