Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Was Pope Benedict Deposed To Make Way For Amoris Laetitia And Other Insults To The Faith?

This post will highlight two posts concerning this current papacy.  At first glance they may appear to be unrelated to each other.  I suspect they are very much related, for reasons that I'll state further into this post.

The first is from Bear Witness Central entitled "Was There A Coup In The Vatican To Depose Pope Benedict XVI?"  For the record, I believe there was, for Benedict's resignation appears to be most uncharacteristic of him.  Several circumstances are mentioned therein: the election of Pope Francis after the reigns of two faithful popes, the admission of Cardinal Danneels of a "mafia" within the Vatican that opposed Pope Benedict XVI, and Danneels' rise in prominence after Francis ascended the papal throne despite his own dissidence from the Church's moral teachings.  I won't go into every detail of that post here, but suggest its careful study since many facts of Pope Francis' words and conduct, and their relationships to one another, are illustrated.

The second is by Sandro Magister entitled "Amoris Laetitia Has A Ghost Writer. His Name Is Victor Manuel Fernandez."  If Fernandez's name sounds familiar, I regret that it is for cause.  I've written a bit about him in the past.  It was Edward Pentin who broke the news that Fernandez would be the principal author of the post-synodal exhortation; at the time of Pentin's revelation, Amoris Latetia was not yet named.  Fernandez is also the author of some crap entitled "Heal Me With Your Mouth; The Art Of Kissing".  That sure makes Fernandez sound like some porn author.  No wonder I was inspired to rename AL to be "amoralis lamentia".

What Magister points out that really raises eyebrows are the comparisons of theologically faulty pieces of AL with previous writings of Fernandez's of several years ago.  The similarities suggest that AL may well have been drafted before the two synods.  That seems to be the case for the synod reports: written before the synod fathers could have any meaningful input.  I agree with my colleagues at Rorate Caeli when they postulate that the two synods were merely fronts to legitimize the screed of Fernandez.

So what is the connection between these two posts that I cite?  Fernandez wrote his articles, the foundations of "amoralis lamentia" well before Cardinal Bergoglio became Pope Francis.  Its promulgation is one key step in the deconstruction of Catholic life as we know it.  Pope Benedict stood in their way and needed to be removed.  I believe he was.  After that, we immediately saw the little insults to traditions, such as dispensing with traditional papal garb, the beach ball on the altar of St. Mary Major, clown nose selfies to the more harmful gaffes ("who am I to judge").  I could go on and on, but the undermining of the Faith has worsened in both number and severity of incidents.

Pope Paul VI is quoted as saying, "the smoke of Satan has entered the Church".  He was right, and now the Vatican is full of carbon monoxide.  Pray, stay alert, and speak out.


  1. I would recommend reading the prophecies of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. "I saw the relationships between the two Popes...... I saw how baleful (harmful, evil) the new Church would be."......... 1Peter5 has an article about some of her visions, although it's not conclusive. It's very hard to argue that she wasn't talking about what we are now living through. She also takes about the Pope 'living in a place outside of the Palace' where he receives very few visitors, and about the 'secret sect' that is out to 'build a new Church'. At the conclusion of her visions however, it is very encouraging because in the end, the Blessed Mother saves the day. (of course!...She crushes the head of Satan!)

  2. Here is another on her prophecies:

  3. The 5th Century Prophecy of Premol is rather fascinating, too, about a small flock remaining loyal to a fleeing pope while the vast majority follow the 'new government' in Rome that has broken the Tiara.


  4. Insults to the faith.
    What about heresy?
    What about Bishop Fellay?

    Cardinal Muller, Archbishop Di Noia and Bishop Fellay's theology is based on hypothetical cases being explicit exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus

    To have a theology based on nonsense ( hypothetical cases being visible in 2016) and then applying it to salvation theology, the Social Reign of Christ the King, Vatican Council II, the Nicene Creed, a little bit too much ?

    Why cannot I accept EENS without the irrationality used by Cardinal Muller, Archishop Di Noia and Bishop Fellay? : to indicate invisible cases are visible is a lie


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