Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Church Of Nice Is The Real Cesspool Of Hatred

We haven't had much from the #Rosicagate Department lately, but today Father Thomas Rosica has again made a fool of himself.  First, check out this anthology of articles regarding Father Rosica and the animosity that he obviously harbors to those telling the truth regarding his progressive shenanigans.  His vituperation inspired him to file lawsuit against Vox Cantoris, if you'll recall; the Vatican, embarrassed by his obvious tempter tantrum, ordered him to drop it and save what remained of his face.

Well, judging from this piece that appears on the Crud site, Rosica still has plenty of axes to grind against us Catholic bloggers.  In his rather questionable judgment, we are "creating cesspools of hatred".  Then he goes on to spout vitriolic descriptions of us being:
  • "obsessed, scrupulous"
  • "disturbed, broken, angry individuals"
  • "trolling pontiffs, holy executioners"
Coming from him, these choice descriptions are badges of honor!  But seriously; he sputters like that, and then has the audacity to accuse us of creating "cesspools of hatred"?  At best, I think we have a case of "pot calling kettle black".  What's really happening is that we bloggers are not allowing him and his compatriots to have a monopoly on social media and we aren't allowing them to dictate the terms and conditions of public discourse.  We can and will call out their dissidence, blasphemies and heresies.  I highly suspect that motivated his tirade in Crud and possibly goaded him into trying to sue Vox Cantoris.

By the way - Rosica still occupies his position in the Vatican.  I suspect his employment there does not so much continue in spite of his hatred for faithful Catholic media but because of it.  Given what we've seen from the Vatican - and the pope - over these past few months, I think my suspicions have valid basis.

Another way to put this situation is that those of Rosica's ilk resent us combating their "church of nice" instead of following their lead like sheeple.  Read what Michael Voris has to say about how the "church of nice" is the antithesis of true charity.  Father Rosica inadvertently illustrates that fact with his screed in Crud.  Did you notice, as you read Rosica's words, that he didn't offer one objective rebuttal to anything we've broached over the years?  He cannot for his "church of nice" isn't at all interested in objective truth, and in the God reflected in that truth.

We must continue to pray for those seduced by the "church of nice".  We will also continue to speak the truth.

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