Sunday, May 8, 2016

Yes, Voting In This Election Is Necessary

It is not often when I disagree with His Excellency Rene Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi.  However, in light of this post of his, I must.  I see two flaws in this post.

First, there is this notion that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are equally evil.  I think that has been amply demonstrated by enough people that simply isn't the reality of the situation.  Hillary has already proven her depravity during her public career - and her record includes a trail of dead bodies.  A commenter on the bishop's post asked for a list of Trump's evils, mentioning that no list was necessary for Hillary.  When such a list can be produced (I mean actual evil committed, not just verbalized) that is comparable to Hillary's, then I'll concede that the bishop has a point.

Second, the bishop seems to think that in the matter of this election, that our action of voting isn't necessary.  I hold that it is very necessary, for one simple reason.  Of the two unequally evil outcomes, one will inevitably occur.  If the bishop is implying that we don't have a positive moral duty to at least mitigate the harm done, then he may inadvertently be justifying and even advocating a sin of omission on the part of Catholic voters.  The act of voting is, in and of itself, a moral good.  Its morality can be impacted by the intended aim of the voter.  We also know that in the poll, we can vote so as to oppose a candidate as much as to support one; the bishop himself acknowledges that fact as he suggests a "write-in" for Cruz.

When we deliberate any action, we must consider any foreseeable consequences of the action.  We cannot act in reckless disregard for these consequences, even if we don't deliberately intend them.  To do so would be a sin against prudence.  Too many of the #nevertrump crowd are engaging in such sin - and they seem to be quite proud of it!  Go figure!  They refuse to learn from history!  Look at what happened when they refused to vote for McCain eight years ago and Romney four years ago!  What kind of "principles" allow these folks to disregard such foreseeable disasters as they deliberate how to cast their votes?  Must we have a repeat of these last eight years?  Must we allow Hillary entrance into the White House where she (and her husband) can complete the work of dismantling the United States (and probably adding to their body count)?

My dear fellow Christians!  Wake up!  Please regain a sense of perspective about our current situation and vote for the GOP candidate!  That is the only effective way to stop Hillary (or Bernie).


  1. Mrs. Baker, respectively, the country will collapse if either person is President around 2019 due to economic/budget issues, Karl Denninger (a secular, ex-Catholic though he believes in the natural law and morality in general) has written extensively on this issue,

    He also wrote a book on the same subject: Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World.

  2. Zachary: Karl Denninger may have some expertise in economics, but his opinion may or may not come to fruition. We KNOW what will happen with a Clinton (or Sanders) administration: the death of the USA. The Constitutional Republic is already dead; we need to at least try to breathe some life back into the corpse.

  3. Too many people think that the president should be a saint. The constitution merely says he must be 45 and a natural born citizen. JFK was a horrible sinner. Grant was once a drunk. FDR was an adulterer and so was Harding. Jefferson refused to support his son-in-law who tried to ban slavery in Virginia. Woodrow Wilson loathed whole ethnicities and wasn't shy about expressing it. Those who do not vote in this election will be the loudest to whine for the next four years.


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