Thursday, May 26, 2016

When Cardinal Hickey Crossed Swords With Georgetown University

HT to Pewsitter, I was directed to this piece of slobbering by New Ways Minstry.  Apparently New Ways Ministry had been meeting in the Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown Universtiy until some time prior to 1990.  The article gives an account by Georgetown's then-president, Father Timothy Healy S.J. during a 1990 talk.  He had been ordered by Cardinal Hickey to expel New Ways Ministry from campus.  He did so, but felt is was "obscene" and made him "wonder what had happened to my church".  I'll post some comments below.

First, Father Healy wondered "what happened" to the Church.  Perhaps he was absent from that seminary class in moral theology when the Church's teachings on homosexual conduct were made plain.  It could also be that his seminary education was so dumbed down that the Teachings of Jesus Christ were not communicated to him; if he attended a Jesuit seminary, that is entirely possible.  At any rate, all he was being ordered to do was to be faithful to Christ's teachings: teachings that haven't changed during the past, nor will they ever change.

Father Healy has gone onto his reward (such as it may be), but one can well ask "what has happened to Georgetown" when one examines how they've bowed to the culture of death, as exemplified in previous blog posts, to wit:
  • Georgetown Hospital attempting to dehydrate a patient to death
  • The invitations to Kathleen Sebelius, Eleanor Holmes Norton, and Cecile Richards to address their students
  • "Lavender graduations"
  • Sending students to intern with abortion advocacy organizations
  • The foregoing list is not exhaustive
Second, I am delighted to learn that Cardinal Hickey, like a true bishop, ordered that the spiritual cancer known as New Ways Ministry be expelled from a Catholic campus.  That's not the only time the Cardinal had occasion to spank that dissident campus.  I remember well one issue of the Catholic Standard when he really wailed into them for two insults against the faith: 1) the presence of a pro-abortion student group on campus and 2) the removal of crucifixes from classrooms.

From this example it does seem that a local ordinary does have some appreciable authority over schools within its boundaries that are run by religious orders.  Cardinal Hickey utilized it.  That means that Cardinal Wuerl could do so, as well.  Obviously he refuses to do so.  Whom is he aiding and abetting?


  1. Hi...what religious schools are you talking about that Weurl needs to act on ?

    1. I should think the answer to that question is quite clear from the article. Georgetown long ago forfeited its right to be considered a Catholic institution. As Georgetown is situated within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Washington, it is clearly within the purview of the Archbishop of Washington to strip Georgetown of its right to call itself Catholic.


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