Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama's Imperious And Immoral Blackmailing On Behalf Of Transgender Perverts

The Messiah Most Miserable has today issued a threat to all US public schools, stating that if they don't immediately do obeisance to "transgender" students and allow them to sashay into any restroom of their choosing, that they stand to lose federal funding.  As you can see from the article, Obama's Minions Most Mindless are chiming in,  This travesty will be formalized by a 25-page screed that will most likely dictate that students must be brainwashed via "gender identity" classes.

Not all local governments are being cowed into subservience.  In addition to North Carolina's ongoing battle with federal tyranny, the State of Texas has told the Obamanista regime to shove their dictates "where the sun don't shine" (my quote).  Governor Greg Abbot released a tweet to remind Dear Leader that he is not a king (a reminder sorely needed).  One school superintendent took the truth a step further to point out that Obama "is a failure".  To that I can only add "amen".

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick pointed out that the federal money that Obama threatens to withhold is used for school breakfast and lunch programs.  Therefore, Obama has no bones about taking those programs away.  For all the kvetching that these progressives do about us conservatives "not caring about the children", we can now see their utter hypocrisy in so doing.  They're just using the children as props to further their progressive agenda - and are quite ready to cast them aside when they decide to shift their focus a bit.

It remains to be seen as to how the US bishops will respond to this dictate from Obama.  In regards to the North Carolina situation, Bishop Michael Burbidge of North Carolina seems to be reneging on his support of HB2.  Now why is that?  Did the USCCB lean on him to dial back his support for decency?  If so, would the USCCB have been "motivated" along the same lines as Obama is trying to use?  Lots of federal money does flow into various Church agencies (CRS, for example) - probably enough to buy silence and passivity in the face of moral depravity.  Lt. Governor Patrick said that Obama could "keep his 30 pieces of silver".  It's way past time for the US bishops to take that kind of bold, moral stand against federal thugs and bullies.

In case anyone thinks that the bathroom matter is "much ado about nothing", here's a little "nothing" that will become more and more common (already is) as long as we give perverts free rein to violate the privacy and safety of women.


  1. I read your link about the 8 year old this morning. Although this took place in my general 'neck of the woods' (I am about an hour and a half away) I have also heard of incidents happening right in my local area. Not only is this 'mandate' that our 'Commander Insane' is shoving down throats not necessary, as transgenders make up an extremely minute portion of the population, but the big issue here is of course, the safety of our kids. And these officials KNOW THIS. I see this as a purposeful ploy to destabilize the country even further. What other conclusion can one come to?

  2. Average American = PEON = Perpetually Excrement On Nation
    POTTY = President Obama The Toiletarian Yahoo


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