Sunday, May 1, 2016

Boycott The Upcoming Collection For Catholic Relief Services - Say #no2crs

In my parish it was announced that the annual in-pew collection for CRS will occur during the weekend of May 14-15.  I've blogged copiously about the many scandals in which CRS participates and in some cases initiates.  A few of these include:
Both Lepanto Institute and Church have more info regarding CRS.  Search those sites for additional information.

Catholic Relief Services is merely the international version of Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Whereas the latter is used to funnel Catholic donations to organizations that undermine the Faith in the United States, the former funds international "culture of death" organizations.  Both are run by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

If any of you (particularly in the Archdiocese of Washington) received a yellow sheet in your bulletins that sounded the praises of CRS, please be advised that it is full of ... bovine manure!  As the links above demonstrate, the "humanitarian aid" comes at the price of submission to sterilizations and chemical abortions.

As I did for the "operation rice bowl" shakedown during Lent, I suggest that not one penny be given to the CRS during the collection.  Instead, please place in the envelope the clip-out statement that is found at the bottom of this Lepanto page.  CRS is an ungodly monster that needs to be starved, not fed.  Say #no2crs.

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