Saturday, May 21, 2016

From The Deathscort Follies Department: Deathscorts Try To Dictate Terms Of Public Discourse

Today's incident, occurring at approximately 9:30 this morning, is on the video below.  Although you can't see me behind the camcorder, you do hear me, particularly at the end.  The "WACDTF guidelines" to which I referred several times can be found on their website.  You may wish to have the page open in a separate window.  The deathscorts in the DC/MD area operate under an organization called "Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force", or WACDTF for short.

According to these guidelines (such as they are), particularly the second one, they are supposed to "secure positions required to keep clinic access open".  It would seem logical that to follow a pro-life activist as she walks over one block away from the abortuary is to do the exact opposite of "securing these positions".  Yet that is precisely what happened.  The young male deathscort followed one of the pro-life people away from the mill to the parking garage that is a city block away from the mill.  While there, he interrupts another pro-life person as she is engaged in conversation.  That is the start of the video.  Later he arrogantly attempted to dictate terms of public discourse and I called him out on it.  

I've chronicled other antics of these WACDTF deathscorts.  See here for other posts, some with videos.  Now for today's episode...

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